Nur's Health Programmes

Health Checks and MOT's

Our health checks are an in-depth assessment of your overall health, based on a series of checks and tests that we carry out to determine, what we refer to as your 'health score'.

Health MOT includes Body Mass Index (BMI), Resting heart rate, Aerobic fitness, Blood pressure and sugar levels. During your MOT you will also have the opportunity to discuss your hydraytion, sleep quality and any existing injuries with our expert well-being advisors.

Following your free Health MOT you will be given a health score and we can use this to track your progress against a bespoke set of fitness and lifestyle goals. If you would like another Health MOT in three months or further down the line, just let us know and we an arrange this for you.

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Programmes

We are currently delivering a pilot programme for Middlesbrough Council on reducing the prevalence and onset of type 2 diabetes amongst the BME community. This includes running a series of health checks where if someone is identified of potential risks of developing type 2 diabetes in the future, they are referred onto an 8 week course with Nur Fitness. The course will help individuals and families lose weight and promote a healthier lifestyle through exercise and nutritional advice.

GP Referral

The GP Referral Programme provides a pathway of physical activity to assist in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. This pathway offers professional support to encourage health behaviour modification and retention of an active lifestyle.

Weight Management Courses

We are currently running a weight management programme for women. They are offered one to one sessions with our personal trainers and an individual training and nutritional plan is put together for them. We intend to expand this area of work for children aswell.

Chair Based Exercise for Elderly and Disabled

At Nur Fitness we like to cater for all needs. Chair-based exercise programmes have shown to maintain or increase independence in older people or people with physical impairments. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that participants of such programmes showed increases in overall power, strength and flexibility.