Nutrition and Fitness Programmes

Welcome to NurFitness

Ladies, how hard is it to juggle daily life and household duties alongside staying fit and healthy. Do you ever stop and have a moment, to simply breathe in the blessed air? Or do you feel that you have no time to ponder? We can provide you with that priceless time, with organised and on time sessions in which you will benefit and gain abundantly. This is not merrily because we have read a few books and done research, but we are also working women with families in which we have duties. Yet, NurFitness allows us to monitor our bodies.

Yes, we are also fed up with many areas of our bodies, we also have that minor guilt when the cake tins are tempting. However, we have various ways to find peace within Fitness, where the distress of certain body parts can be changed into content. As instructors, we clearly understand your lifestyle as we have experienced awareness of the juggles in life.

Alongside, we also have detailed knowledge about the consequences of not keeping healthy. This isn't about looking sleek and slender, it's simply keeping alert about staying fit and healthy, so that we can help others around us, especially our own offspring.


A key thing to remember ladies, it does not make any difference whether you are young or old! NurFitness is about being yourself as an independent, beautiful and unique individual. We help our clients to hop out of the shell and allow them to be comfortable is every way possible. Our Fitness team is the only group which has the widest range of diversity in colour, age and personality!

The youngest team member is 18 years old and our eldest member is over the age of 40!

We have heritage from 4 countries and are fluent in 4 languages.

Some are married busy mums, some have other jobs and some are students, etc!

Many of us enjoy the dance elements to fitness, some get heavy on the weights and others just love get in action with various types of sports games or fitness exercises! BUT, we are all on a similar mission, not to change the world but to change ourselves, improve ourselves and to be representatives for the public. Why? So we can lead an example allow you to encourage yourself and your families and friends!

NurFitness is the right direction for you, providing different packages in which you will massively benefit. Exercise is the door to healthier lifestyle and it is only down to you to open that door. We as members are eager and looking forward to meeting you!